I have been meaning to write a post announcing that I’m opening my appointment book up to new clients, but my website, http://www.virginiaelwood.com has been hacked. My name is probably being used to sell viagra now! I’m working on fixing the issue… or rather I’ve hired someone to fix the issue because I’m sort of a luddite. For information about booking an appointment, please email me at virginiaelwood@gmail.com.

Here is some new work:


Paradise Lost

This concludes my month long stay in Costa Rica. I have never taken such a long trip before and am embarrassed to admit that I struggled at first with all the down time… we almost decided to come home early a few times! There’s a lesson in there somewhere, I just know it… Timothy Hoyer told me recently that freedom is one of the most important commodities there is. I think this trip has helped me realize that, and I hope to take a bit of this freedom back to NYC with me. I promise less sap and more tattoos in the following weeks. Pura Vida!!!

My back piece is by Timothy Hoyer

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The Jesus of Electricity

Nikola Tesla

I had to tape his foot down, so he’s stop moving around so much.

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Flowers and Birds


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