New York Adorned

I just updated my gallery on the New York Adorned website. A bunch of the photos haven’t been published before… check it out here.

back piece tattoo

Kelly came to me a while back wanting blossoms on her ribs. Then she decided she wanted to do a cover up on her lower back so we added a bird. Some time later she realized she needed another bird… and then another… and then maybe some more blossoms. So there you have it, a back piece in 6 steps! Not the way I would normally approach a back piece, but because Kelly is so loyal and awesome, I’ll always make an exception.


Laurens sleeve

I have a lot of clients coming to me for half sleeves, and I love doing them… usually 2 or 3 sessions at most, and the upper arm is a great place for a big tattoo. I’d say about 9 out of 10 of these clients come back within a couple of years (or months in some cases) wanting to extend the tattoo into a full sleeve. That was the case with Lauren, who traveled from Portland Oregon for an all day session to finish up the half sleeve we had finished about 2 years ago. Luckily for me I’ve gotten used to people coming back for more and have started drawing most of my half sleeves to accommodate the inevitable extensions.

Ex Hex

Eva was a trooper. She came in for a magpie with a straight razor and I talked her into adding all of the geometric flowers… although it wasn’t very hard to convince her, so I don’t feel too bad!

Rebecca came in with a faded tribal tattoo on her lower back, and we covered it right up. She was so sweet to let me experiment with some more of these hex/geometric flowers. Thanks girls!

some more new work…


This poor girl came in for a little bird and I managed to talk her into a peacock sleeve! If you cant dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit.

For some reason…

… I almost always wind up with the best clients. The nice, easy going types who appreciate what I do and let me give them a good tattoo. They come in with an idea but are open to suggestions, and to top it all off, I genuinely like most of them! How did I get so lucky? I’m almost afraid that by saying it out loud, I’ll jinx it!

I did this tattoo on the lovely and talented Emily McCombs: a great example of a perfect client. Check out some of her musings at asylum and lemondrop

Emily Side

Emily back

Emily Front

I’m a lazy blogger…. here’s some new stuff

If I could do a whole sleeve of this stuff I would…. thats a hint Yelena!

russian scarf

This ones based on master potter Alfonso Castillo Ortas work. The sculpture has butterflies all over it but we opted for birds.

sugar skull with birds

Here are a couple recent tattoos I really like….

fruit lady

I finished this up a few weeks ago and now we are turning it into a sleeve…. more pics to come!


Birds… gotta love em!

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