Bryan Randolph

Just had a great phone call with one of the most excellent tattooers working today. Bryan Randolph pretty much gave me my life as I know it… without him I wouldn’t have my job at New York Adorned and I wouldn’t have met my amazing spouse.

This guy has spent countless hours on the phone with me listening to my bitching with the utmost patience and has given me more useful tips on life and tattooing than I could ever hope to remember. When I’m stuck on a drawing, a voice in the back of my head always asks: “what would Bryan Randolph do? (also what would Tom Yak and Dan Santoro do).

Bryan and I hard at work in 09… partners in crime

New York City tattooing really took a hit when Bryan and his family moved back to Oakland CA. The guys at Spider Murphy’s are lucky to have him. Bryan is a rare #1, A+, stand up kind of guy and I’m so grateful to have him and his wife Jen as friends. He loves tattooing more than anyone I’ve ever met and is gift to our industry. Where the hell is his Tattoo Artist Magazine interview?!… just sayin.

Sorry to get all sappy, I’m not drunk or nuthin, I just really love the guy. Check out his website:, and the Spider Murphy website:


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  1. i love that guy

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