NY state of mind

Marcus came all the way from Sweden and sat for two days in a row for this NYC tribute tattoo.


It’s for me

The desire to get daily affirmations, poetry, or lyrics tattooed on ourselves is nothing new, I’ve done more than I could possibly count. But lately clients have been asking for their lettering upside down… so they can read it when they look down at their wrist, arm, leg, etc. Not sure if a movie star or model started this trend, or if it’s just a part of our collective consciousness, but it’s here to stay…. at least until someone comes up with an adage equivalent to the lower back tattoo killing ‘tramp-stamp’.

I have no problem with upside down lettering, there have always been and always will be trends in tattooing. The interesting part for me is not that the trend is happening, or even why it’s happening, but that when asked why they want the affirmation upside down, a huge number of clients respond by saying: “it’s for me”

I’m not in the habit of asking my clients why they are getting a particular tattoo, I figure if they want to tell me they will… whether I like it or not. But the response ‘it’s for me’ has no borders: men, women, gay, straight, young, or old… they all love it! I find myself prompting them: “sure, let’s do this lettering upside down. I mean who is this tattoo for anyways?” That usually get’s the desired response. An overwhelming amount of these clients do yoga or some form of meditation, but that’s a whole ‘nother story.

‘It’s for me’ has become such a theme in our shop that I decided to make a line of tote bags commemorating it. Screen printed on heavy canvas, they should be ready by the end of September. I’ll sell them at New York Adorned in Manhattan, but if you’re not from around here contact me (virginiaelwood@yahoo.com) and we will figure something out. I’ll post some pictures of the finished product as soon as they’re in.

Viva “it’s for me!”

Grandma Ruby

My take on a color portrait… Hope to do more of this style, very fun!

Adam rules

I love it when clients get all of their tattoos from me! Thanks Adam

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