she’s as light as a feather when you’re stiff as a board

another happy customer

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Get this girl away from me!

Just kidding! I love Emily McCombs! She talks me into the craziest shit…. like this (haven’t watched it yet… too scared)

Remember to check out, she’s one of the editors. Here are some of her latest tattoos:

You down with OPP?

Here are some tattoos of O.P.P. (other people’s parents)

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This poor girl came in for a little bird and I managed to talk her into a peacock sleeve! If you cant dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit.

Tales from the Tattoo Crypt: Part 2

After relating the story below to one of my clients, her friend swore she could beat it…. I think she may have.

She has a friend who was tripping on mushrooms with a group of people in the mountains. They were having a great time, but it got even better when they found a magical dwarf wandering around by itself. Excited at the prospect of having all of their wishes granted, they decide to take the magical dwarf home with them.

The drive back from the hills sobered them up a bit and they realized the magical dwarf they found was actually a young child with downs syndrome. (At this point, I’m horrified at her story and wondering why this girl thinks it’s so funny). They do the right thing and call the police. Leaving out the tripping part, they say they found a lost child while on a hike and brought him home.

Turns out the kid had been part of a big camping group and had been missing for a few days. They did not kidnap this child, but in fact rescued him, and were rewarded $10,000 for their part!

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Tales from the Tattoo Crypt: Part 1

As a tattooer, I hear the craziest stories. I tend to forget most of them, but after hearing this gem, I realized I needed to start documenting them.

One of my favorite clients was in the other day and the topic of autism came up. He has a friend who has a friend who has a 16 year old autistic son. He’s high functioning enough to be left alone while she’s at work. So she gets a call on her cell phone from her son, he’s saying ‘mom, mom I caught a troll! A real live troll!’ Thinking he’s just playing around, she reminds him that he can’t bother her while she’s at work.

Ten minutes later she gets another ┬ácall from her son… same thing, ‘mom, for real! I caught a troll!’ This time she hears something in the background and decides it’s time to go home and investigate. There’s a closet beneath the staircase in the front hallway and someone is banging on the door from the inside.

The “troll” happens to be a midget! And not just any midget. Apparently, this person had come to the door collecting the 2010 census reports and the autistic son grabbed him (thinking he was a troll) and stuffed him in the closet! He had been in there for over an hour. As if little people didn’t have enough to worry about!

I was laughing too hard to find out what happened after that, but next time my client comes in, I’ll press him for more details.

UPDATE: I knew it might be too good to be true. I’ll continue to write up my clients crazy stories, even if they’re fake.

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