Just who do I think I am?

Kelly came to me last year for a tattoo and is now practically covered in them. She makes her living as a pastry chef at Locanda Verde in the Greenwich Hotel. After her last tattoo she told me to stop by for dinner after work. So I recruit my friend Claire and we make the trek to Tribeca.

I should have known I was out of my league when the front door man rushed out to open our cab door. Claire and I had both just finished work and were absolutely under dressed… tattoos everywhere, sweaty faced, ink covered jeans… total scum bags (Ok, so it was just me that looked like shit, Claire  was put together perfectly as usual). We marched through the throngs of  beautifully made up faces staring at us to the hostess booth and were told there would be a two hour wait!

Feeling every bit the major dork that I am, we ended up eating at a diner across the street. And it wasn’t until the next day that I saw the restaurant on the cover of Time Out NY…. turns out we thought we could just waltz into Robert Di Neros new restaurant! If and when the hype dies down, I will give it another try…. way to go on landing that gig Kelly!

etched heart


The friend I dragged along with me is Claire Vuillemot …. an amazing tattooer and designer. Check out her stuff:

www.funcitytattoo.com, rubytonenewyork.com


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