Back to work

Aside from tattooing I have developed (with my friend and business partner Trinity) a cycling apparel line called Pedaler Clothing. I just took two weeks off of work to go on an east coast sales trip and had a blast! You can read about it and see the clothing on our website

I did these tattoos right before I left for the trip.Ernest Hemingway

This Ernest Hemingway portrait was done on my good friend Danielle right before she moved to Guam! I miss you Danni!

M.C. Escher

This one is on Jon, who is also an artist. I tattooed his girlfriend Victoria too. She had the tribal dragon already and wanted to spice it up a bit with some color.

tribal dragon

I’m back at work on a few days and should have a bunch more new tattoos to post!

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Here are a couple recent tattoos I really like….

fruit lady

I finished this up a few weeks ago and now we are turning it into a sleeve…. more pics to come!


Birds… gotta love em!

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