I needed a forum to air my gripes and dirty laundry….

kittenheadI posted  this today because I really want a kitten, but my girlfriend wont let me. WTF? Who’s wearing the pants here anyways? Let me do your pet portrait! I love doing them and maybe it’ll help me get over my kitten woes.

Here’s a few more animal portraits I’ve done….tarzan

Jake the dog





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  1. Hi Virginia,

    You did my high line tattoo and my NYC/Kabul tattoo. I have been contacted by the friend of the high line to write a guest blog post for them about my high line tattoo. I wanted to know if it was OK with you to mention you and link to your site and or adorned? Whichever is your preference. Let me know your thoughts.


  2. i found you while searching fran drescher tattoo

    i would love one of her in a really cool midcenturymodern cartton version of the drawing in the opening credits of the nanny

    • Come on in Tiffany! I’d love to do your tattoo for you!

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