Classic rock!

This client (one of my fav’s) became known around the shop as classic rock. He picked his top 20 favorite classic rock bands and I tried my best to fit them all in to his sleeve. We got Pink Floyd, The Beatles, The Who, Elton, Jimmy, Led Zep, Clapton, Bob Dylan, The Stones, Crosby Stills Nash and Young…. to name a few. 

Classic rock front

Classic rock side

classic rock elton

classic rock floyd

classic rock CSN&Y

Unfortunately classic rock and his girl Carol (another favorite) just left NYC to move back home. I sure will miss them and their generous gifts (they got me tickets to see Neil Young for xmas last year!)

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I obviously love doing black and grey realism. And I get asked to do a lot of portraits and flowers and birds. But I also really enjoy doing traditional tattoos. All the boys at work think I have fine line fever, what do they know? You want whip shading? I’ll whip that shit retarded! You want an 8 line? I’ll give you a nine! Hook me up with a skull or a ship or a classic rose and I’ll be happy!

sailor girl

I did the lobster a couple years ago and Carol recently came back to get a skull under it.gypsy






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Here are a &!?!*load of flower tattoos…..

I’m really getting the hang of this blog thing. I could practically do it in my sleep!

Anna Half sleeve


Black and grey roses

Elephant leaves

skull rose



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I did these flowers a few months ago. I love tattooing flowers!



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What’s the weirdest tattoo you’ve ever done?

People love to ask me that question and I never know what to say…. until now that is! Here you have it: the weirdest/coolest tattoo ever. Teddy Roosevelt in full hunting gear standing over a bear in a wheelchair. 

Teddy with bear

This was her first tattoo and she sat like a champ. Teddy would be proud.

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The Nanny

Ok, so just hear me out for a minute…. I LOVE The Nanny! More specifically Fran Drescher. I especially love when her and Maxwell finally get together! She’s the lady in red when everybody else is wearing tan. Now that I’ve said something semi embarrassing about myself the least you could do is let me tattoo a portrait of her on you.

The NannyHere are some other portraits I’ve done….


Duke Ellington

How about it?

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I needed a forum to air my gripes and dirty laundry….

kittenheadI posted  this today because I really want a kitten, but my girlfriend wont let me. WTF? Who’s wearing the pants here anyways? Let me do your pet portrait! I love doing them and maybe it’ll help me get over my kitten woes.

Here’s a few more animal portraits I’ve done….tarzan

Jake the dog




Thanks to Thomas Hooper…..

…….I have a tattoo blog! Welcome to the 90’s Virginia!

Tats, tats, tats….



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