I have been meaning to write a post announcing that I’m opening my appointment book up to new clients, but my website, http://www.virginiaelwood.com has been hacked. My name is probably being used to sell viagra now! I’m working on fixing the issue… or rather I’ve hired someone to fix the issue because I’m sort of a luddite. For information about booking an appointment, please email me at virginiaelwood@gmail.com.

Here is some new work:

My site has moved to www.virginiaelwood.com !

I will keep this site up for a couple of weeks while I transition but for a better look at my tattoos, please go to www.virginiaelwood.com.



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New York Adorned

I just updated my gallery on the New York Adorned website. A bunch of the photos haven’t been published before… check it out here.

back piece tattoo

Kelly came to me a while back wanting blossoms on her ribs. Then she decided she wanted to do a cover up on her lower back so we added a bird. Some time later she realized she needed another bird… and then another… and then maybe some more blossoms. So there you have it, a back piece in 6 steps! Not the way I would normally approach a back piece, but because Kelly is so loyal and awesome, I’ll always make an exception.

Black and grey week

 Can’t go wrong with a skull and roses

We started with the portrait and added the birds and flowers later… I also did a portrait of his dad on the inner arm

Dream Crusher. Her first tattoo and she sat like a champ

My take on a tribal turtle

Laurens sleeve

I have a lot of clients coming to me for half sleeves, and I love doing them… usually 2 or 3 sessions at most, and the upper arm is a great place for a big tattoo. I’d say about 9 out of 10 of these clients come back within a couple of years (or months in some cases) wanting to extend the tattoo into a full sleeve. That was the case with Lauren, who traveled from Portland Oregon for an all day session to finish up the half sleeve we had finished about 2 years ago. Luckily for me I’ve gotten used to people coming back for more and have started drawing most of my half sleeves to accommodate the inevitable extensions.

Bryan Randolph

Just had a great phone call with one of the most excellent tattooers working today. Bryan Randolph pretty much gave me my life as I know it… without him I wouldn’t have my job at New York Adorned and I wouldn’t have met my amazing spouse.

This guy has spent countless hours on the phone with me listening to my bitching with the utmost patience and has given me more useful tips on life and tattooing than I could ever hope to remember. When I’m stuck on a drawing, a voice in the back of my head always asks: “what would Bryan Randolph do? (also what would Tom Yak and Dan Santoro do).

Bryan and I hard at work in 09… partners in crime

New York City tattooing really took a hit when Bryan and his family moved back to Oakland CA. The guys at Spider Murphy’s are lucky to have him. Bryan is a rare #1, A+, stand up kind of guy and I’m so grateful to have him and his wife Jen as friends. He loves tattooing more than anyone I’ve ever met and is gift to our industry. Where the hell is his Tattoo Artist Magazine interview?!… just sayin.

Sorry to get all sappy, I’m not drunk or nuthin, I just really love the guy. Check out his website: www.bryanrandolphtattoo.com, and the Spider Murphy website: www.spidermurphys.com

Coat of Arms tattoo

This tattoo is on Derek… everything you could ever want in a client: nice guy, sits well (this was his first tattoo), trusted my ideas, always on time. Derek if you’re reading this: you left your sunglasses at the shop!

This was one of the many times my iphone failed me… crap photos.

Tattoo by Virginia Elwood

Tattoo by Virginia Elwood

Tattoo by Virginia Elwood

Lot’s of fun tattoos this week!

Pin up guys

I’d be really excited if more people started getting pin up dudes


Tom of Finland drawing


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